ECAIA ionizer

The ECAIA ionizer is an electric water ionizer. Its strength lies primarily in its extraordinary filtration capacity (dual filter system developed by SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL).

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ECAIA ionizer S

The ECAIA ionizer S is an electric water ionizer.
It can be positioned above or below the work surface.

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ECAIA carafe

The ECAIA carafe is a mineral flow-through water ionizer. Differently from an electric water ionizer, this carafe does not require electricity.


MY WATER BOTTLE is a 0.75l reusable glass bottle, held in a shockproof, OEKO-TEX® certified protective fabric cover.

ECAIA+ drops

ECAIA+ drops is an acidity regulator that modifies the alkalinity of some food products.

ECAIA allhygienics 500 IT

ECAIA+ allhygienics 500ml is a ready-to-use surface sanitizing detergent in a ready-to-use aqueous solution. It removes bacteria and other micro-organisms.

ESORI omega 3

Dietary supplement, contains omega-3 fatty acids (oils), Vitamins D3, E and K2.

ESORI vitamins

ESORI vitamins is a multivitamin product which supplies the body with vitamins and antioxidants such as OPCs. Various red berries give the product its unmistakable, spicy taste.

Corporate Brochure EN/DE/IT

The SLI corporate brochure presents SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL’s broad product and service portfolio.
Languages: English / German / Italian

Book "Jungbrunnenwasser"

Language: German
A handbook and practical guide for anyone who wants to know and understand body water as well as the importance of lymph for our health.