Congratulations on your decision. Please briefly introduce yourself. Indicate which products you would like to offer on SANUSSTORE and what percentage of margin you are willing to assign to SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL. We will review your request and get in touch with you within 14 calendar days.

Please note:

  • - Only physical and digital products are allowed, no services.

  • - You must have a VAT ID number so that service invoices can be issued from Italy.

  • - The instructions for setting up the shop are only available in German and Italian.

Step 1 - Address details

Unnecessary in non-UE countries
Download Partnership Agreement
Merely for info here download as PDF

Step 2 - Company data

How many packages do you ship on average per month?
e.g. health, hospitality, engineering, etc.
e.g. dietary supplements, food, electrical appliances, etc.

Step 3 - Company data

e.g. 2 different fruit juices, 5 different granola bars, 1 juice machine = 8 different items total
e.g. 2 different fruit juices, 2 different granola bars, 1 juice machine = 5 different items total
e.g. My products are made exclusively by hand, within the EU, made exclusively of natural fibers, are very high quality, are an absolute novelty on the market, etc.
A minimum 8% margin is required - for dietary supplements a minimum 20%
Net, without VAT.
Net, without VAT.
Unnecessary in non-UE countries
The higher the margin, the higher the percentage of the sales price that the customer can pay in the form of SANUSCREDITS, and the higher the commission in euros for the referrer.

Notice: The margin is a crucial factor for successful sales since referrers know precisely what commissions (in euros) they will receive per product sold.

Privacy notice as per Art. 13 GDPR 2016/679.
The data indicated when filling in this form to request information will be processed in paper form and electronically. Your data will exclusively be used to respond to your requests. Your data will be neither published nor disseminated to third parties. Controller for data processing is SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL, to whom you can appeal to assert your rights, including, but not limited to, the right to access the data and the right to request its completion, rectification and erasure. For the full text of the data protection notice, please refer to the “Privacy Policy” area.